Track your habits, moods and goals with emojis

Audvice App

Audvice offers a learning app for students. Record and listen to the things you have to study


A social media app for local groups like residential buildings or dormitories to connect residents with each other

Pepper Tracker

Create trackers for things like glasses of water or words for your thesis

Board Game Concept "Shabaka"

Board game for the course "Game Studies & Game Design"

App Concept "Project Echo"

An app concept for young students to inform them about mental health

Campus Brett

A virtual bulletin board for dorms where students can share and search for stuff

Game Concept "Color Clash"

A multiplayer game for tablets with the goal to recolor paint dots of the opponent

Heurigen Guide

A website which shows all "Heurigen" on a map and also indicates if they are open at the moment